Fluoride – Its not helping your teeth!

Fluoride – Its not helping your teeth!

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Dr Kennedy, a past president of the international academy of oral medicine and toxicology spoke out against fluoride with regards to public safety in 1998. Since then, substantial amounts of evidence has surfaced showing how fluoridating certain products such as toothpaste and our drinking water has no benefits to its consumer and is in-fact harmful!

There are two types of fluoride to be aware of. Calcium fluoride can be found in natural underground water supplies, this should still be avoided in large quantities but is relatively safe compared to its man made counterpart sodium fluoride that is said to be 85 times more toxic… and this is what is put in to your drinking water and toothpaste!

When and why was it added to our lives? Sodium fluoride was first added to toothpaste in the 1890’s, people being told that the introduction of this in to their toothpaste would decrease the chances of tooth decay. Later on in the 1940’s sodium fluoride was also starting to be introduced in to the water system, the first city in the U.S to receive this treatment was Grand Rapids Michigan. This spread through America and also made its way over to Europe, with Birmingham, U.K being the first city to get the introduction of fluoride in to their drinking water in the 1960’s. Recent studies published in the journal Langmuir have shown that the fluorapatite layer (the layer that binds on to your teeth from fluoride to apparently help protect your tooth from decay) is only 6 nanometers thick. 1mm = 1000000nm. It seems suspect that a layer this thin would be able to help protect your teeth from any acidic attacks.

To this day most western countries still do not fluoridate their water. This allows us to compare the treated and un-treated water supplies with regards to tooth decay prevention. The graph here (provided by www.fluoridealert.org) clearly show that little difference is made in the reduction of tooth decay and in fact the countries that do not fluoridate their water actually experience less tooth decay! Most developed countries do not fluoridate their water including 97% of Western Europe where as in the United States up to ¾’s of the population’s water is fluoridated of those getting their water from the public water system. Why then if we can clearly see that it is of no help to us, do all of these products that we use daily contain it.

We have established that you are getting no benefits from putting this in to your body, just to really put you of… This chemical accumulates in certain parts of your body, including your bones, teeth and your pineal gland (in your brain). It is toxic enough to be used and is used as a rat poison. It has been shown in many cases that consumption can lower a child’s IQ. The FDA put it in the category of a ‘drug’ and have never approved fluoride supplement as a safe and effective treatment. It is also one of the main ingredients in Prozac. To top it all of Hitler fluoridated the water to high levels in the concentration camps to create docile prisoners that were easier to control. Time to change toothpaste?

– I have experimented with multiple fluoride free toothpastes, some of the earthy ones I must admit don’t really feel like toothpaste however this one here is definitely my favourite. A word of warning though it is rather strong. Give it a go and cut this sh*t out of your diet!

If you want to learn more about fluoride then head to www.fluoridealert.org for bundles of information on this topic.



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