Education – What does it mean to you?

Education – What does it mean to you?

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If you are like me, you may have had to reprogram yourself to enjoy learning! This may, or may not be due to a very tedious experience during your time at school as a youngster.

The current school system was created at the end of the 1800’s during the industrial revolution in a period when there was a huge demand for factory workers. The objective of school was to mass-produce a skilled, obedient workforce and to provide basic literacy to the masses. The school system even represents factory work; picture the entire school experience as an assembly line moving along. You, the product, are sorted in to age and skill set, being looked at as a category rather than an individual. You are sat in rows and your classes are a certain length of time representing the shift work you will eventually transition to. You are tested, not on your ability to think for yourself but to regurgitate information from a textbook that you have been provided with. If you do not comply, you are punished. This teaches you to be obedient and to not step out of line, do your job and nothing more. After the years of riding the assembly line, you come to the end and are conditioned and ready for work.

In the 1900’s this created stability, you go through school, get a job, follow instructions, get paid and retire, this was a safe bet due to the massive need for workers. Today is a much different reality, on average we humans are changing jobs every 3 years, we no longer need replaceable cogs in a machine, we need innovators and free thinkers. The tables have turned, you no longer have job security if all you do is follow instructions, your boss will find someone to do it cheaper or replace you with a machine, which is becoming more frequent. There is not yet a computer with the intelligence of a human brain (though the time is near!), use this to your advantage. The majority of the time, your job and the money you earn are a direct representation of the value that you provide.

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle. A timeless quote; however I would argue that the roots of education do not need to be bitter. Take your learning in to your own hands, make it interesting and engaging. Find a topic you are passionate about, information is literally a click away and there are thousands of books at your disposal. There seems to be a lot of emphasis on having a strong physical body in today’s society, not so much on having a strong mind. The brain works like the rest of the muscles in your body, it gets stronger with practise. Knowledge is most definitely potential power. Educate your-self, become intelligent, not just academic. Ask yourself are you giving value? Or could you be easily replaced?