Seneca – What makes us rich? (Part 2)

Seneca – What makes us rich? (Part 2)

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“It is not the man that has to little, but the man that craves more, that is poor.” – Seneca

Are you happy and content with that you already own? Do you take a chance to appreciate everything that is already present in your life? If you do not take the chance to take a step back to realize and appreciate what you already own, you may get caught in the trap of always wanting the ‘next best thing’. We are living in a time where it is the easiest it has ever been to adopt a consumer mind set, of always needing more. If you fall in to this trap, no matter how much money you earn, you may always be struggling financially due to trying to keep up with the Joneses. You will never be truly satisfied, material possessions will not fill the void.

What do you see as truly being rich?

This question can be answered in many ways dependant on the person answering. In this day and age it seems to be the larger the number in a persons bank account or the greater amount of possessions owned that is the definitive answer given by the large majority of the population. Bob Marley would counter this by asking you if “possessions make you rich?”

Based on poll results by Gallup this year, 68% of American employees are not engaged at work, meaning they are un-enthusiastic about the place where they spend so much of their precious time. Another poll in 2013 showed that un-happy employees outnumbered happy ones by two to one WORLDWIDE! These statistics lead us to my next question.

If these employees have surplus money but are un-happy with how they spend their time… are they still rich?

There is more to living a rich life than the amount of possessions that you own or the number in your bank account. To live a rich life, you must have time to enjoy it. Time is an un-renewable resource where as money comes and goes, so why would you waste your time doing something that you do not enjoy? True wealth should be judged on a number of things, the happiness you experience in your life, the purity of your relationships, your body and mind being healthy, with money coming last acting as a mechanism that allows all these other aspects of your life to flourish.

“You ask what is the proper limit to a persons wealth? First, having what is essential, and second, having what is enough.” Here it seems Seneca is saying that to be wealthy you must have what is essential to live a comfortable life. Money used to acquire our basic human needs can make you happier, anything after that doesn’t make too much difference to your overall well-being. Having what is enough? Living a simple life and appreciating everything that surrounds you.


– Check out the ‘minimalists’ ted talk. We hear so often of ‘successful’ people who gain all the material possessions they would like, only to realize that they are left unfulfilled. These two guys have an interesting story that ties in nicely with this blog post and they seem like cool human beings! Another interesting ted talk is Graham Hill’s which again is focusing on less stuff = more happiness. Enjoy and learn!