Story of two sons – Work smarter not harder

Story of two sons – Work smarter not harder

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A wealthy businessmen who had enjoyed many successes in his life, was growing older and he knew this. He had been blessed with two sons, both of similar age but with different personalities and interests. Most likely due to the fact that their father was a businessman, they had always been interested in business and had dabbled within this world. The father loved them both equally. One day he organized to meet with both of them over lunch, he proceeded to tell them that his fortune would be left to the son that could create a successful business first within the next 10 years. He classified successful as generating one million in net profit per year and he stated that the business must be for the good of others.

Both sons accepted the challenge and respected that the father didn’t want to leave this money without making them work for it.


They got to work straight away, both in different ways. One of the two sons got straight to the drawing board, due to past experience he already had a product that he thought the world needed and proceeded in creating it, he then got the funding he needed and within 2 months had a product and a e-commerce platform to sell it. Within 6 months he was turning a profit, a small profit, far from his target however he had 9.5 years to reach that, confident due to his quick start he would joke with his brother who hadn’t started yet. Those who new of this deal were shocked that the other brother hadn’t begun and would urge him to start. The father remained silent.


The other brother had taken a very different approach, he was an intelligent man, and he knew that experience in the field was valuable but sprinting before you can walk sometimes leaves you in over your head. He decided to continue studying his future market and business in general. He spent a lot of time reading and planning, spending time talking to others who had success and attending seminars. After three years of intense study and preparation, this brother decided to launch. The initial launch was a success and sales were already greater than his brothers even with the two and a half years growth. The next three years were a huge success for him and in his fourth year of business he reached the goal his father had set.

This is a more modern version of the Egyptian story that has been recently posted, check that out here for a different story with the same message and the main teachings that can be taken from this.