Story of two sons – Work with knowledge

Story of two sons – Work with knowledge

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Thousands of years ago their lived a rich pharaoh who ruled over Egypt. Needless to say he was a wealthy man. The pharaoh was growing older and he new his time ruling the lands would not last forever. He had twin sons, which one would he pass the right to rule to? He devised a plan to put his sons to the test.

His two sons were summoned to the main temple and told that they have 10 years to complete the construction of a pyramid, the son that completed this fastest would be awarded the right to rule and the great riches that come along with the responsibility.

They accepted the challenge, thanked their father and set of.


The first son started with no hesitation, with no real knowledge of how to complete this task, he wasn’t afraid to work hard and done so. With the help of others he started, block by block, they got to work. A few years past and he was making progress, yet it was slow. However much to his surprise his brother hadn’t even begun! The local people were very surprised and were wondering what the second son was doing, why hadn’t he started yet? The first son was making good progress and the second had made seemingly no effort to complete the task, surely he wouldn’t be able to make up the lost time? Everyone was unsure of what to make of the situation.

The second son had spent this time researching smarter ways to complete the construction of the pyramid. He spent time reading about how others had done it and what was used to do so, yes it could be completed with hard graft however he knew that there were smarter ways to work that could potentially save him time and effort. Two and a half years since the meeting at the main temple, the second son began working on his pyramid, he was laughed at, “you will never catch up to your brother” people would say to him. Confident with what he had learnt he ignored the critics and focused on the task ahead, he recruited a team and built a structure that would carry much more weight than a team of humans. Two years in to his construction he had caught up with his brother, four years later his pyramid was complete. His father congratulated the second son and he was awarded the right to rule over the lands.

Jim Rohn – Formal education will definitely make you a living, informal education will make you a fortune.
Somewhere out there, there is a similar story to this one, but written by a different author. After searching far and wide, I could not locate it! However I remembered the main teachings of the story so decided to write it out myself from memory. If anyone knows the original author then I would love to give him or her credit for his or her own version.
I wanted to rewrite this because I felt like it had a strong message’s that others can learn from. Lets start with the simplest in my opinion. Firstly, in a time where we are told to work harder, I don’t think there is enough emphasis on lets work smarter, before engaging in any task, if we take time to think about how we will execute or even take time to learn how it would be better to execute, we can inevitably save time, effort, money you name it! Let me add as well, in no way do I mean lets take time off, not get stuck in and just sit and think. Still put in the work but if you were to fully engage your brain and still work as hard, but find creative ways around the problem, think about the results that will be experienced. Secondly, and I know we always come back to education on here, I mean real education, the type of education that’s going to help you tackle life’s obstacles, Jim Rohn names this informal education. The type of education that helps you learn how to become a better version of your current self. Taking the time to learn and continue to learn these things can repay the time ten times over when you go out to live your life with these teachings in mind, allowing you to live fully and in line with what you believe. The brother who was successful allowed the time to work on himself and think of more creative solutions to the problem at hand and enjoyed the rewards that this informal education came with.
The biggest teaching that can be taken from this in my opinion, and maybe this is because I feel like I can relate to this from a time in my life is. When people are looking in from the outside, they may not see much, they may think that you haven’t progressed much with your life, when the reality is, on the inside, you have developed leaps and bounds and now have a new array of weapons at your disposal that are going to contribute to your success in the near future. The external world follows the internal world; it is not the other way around. Focus on getting your inside right and the outside will follow and materialize to match your inner state… with some smart work on your part of course.
I wrote a more modern version of this story which you can find by clicking the here, same message but a more present situation that you may relate to.